The Grow Boss | Take The Marijuana Test | Builders Vs Growers

Increased yield with Flower Power reveals the two (2) types of customers that come through my Hydro Store in Las Vegas, the Builders and the Growers.

You need to watch this because you need to figure out which type you are…

1:18 The fact is…there are two types of customers that come into my Hydroponics Store

1:30 Are you a Grower or a Builder?

1:48 Builders are going to fail 100% of the time

1:57 Growers knock it out of the park

2:36 Here’s Your Fun Little Test

4:05 Ready for the answers?

4:32 What do Growers know and do?

5:56 What do Builders know and do?

5:37 You can only get so high – why??

6:47 Eating cannabis affects you differently

6:58 The reality of growing great weed always boils down to the basics…

7:55 Quit being a builder

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It answers all the questions customers always ask in this ball busting, easy-to-read, fully illustrated, manufacturer sponsored, comprehensive growing & equipment guide book. It’s also the only book that explains how to use all the equipment you see in the stores. This 160 page book covers everything…

* Cloning
* 24-Week Garden Tracker Journal
* Rotations
* Examples garden pictures
* Plant Shapes
* Equipment explanations
* Soil vs. Hydro
* Digital Ballasts
* Light Selection
* Flowering Tips and tricks
* Problem solving
* Finishing, Trimming, and Drying
* Mixing nutrients
* The Grow Boss “Grow Diamond” and way more!

The Grow Book & Equipment Guide comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. just bring it back to my store and tell why you didn’t like it.

For questions, comments, or to brag about your monster grow…

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