Teens and the Cannabis Conversation: Separating Fact from Fiction

At Caron, we understand that different people have different needs in treatment. Learn more about our inpatient programs here
Teens: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/teens-rehab
Young Adults: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/young-adults
Adults: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/adults
Older Adults: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/older-adults
Chronic pain sufferers: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/chronic-pain-addiction-treatment
Relapse individuals: https://www.caron.org/our-programs/inpatient-treatment/relapse-treatment

If you or a family member needs help, reach out. Visit http://www.caron.org or call 800-854-6023

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