Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower

Increased yield with Flower Power

Red light (600-700nm) contributes most to the plant photosynthesis, which plays an important role in plant growth. Our 300w led grow light have a larger proportion of this kind of red light, which provide more nutrients for the plants which can’t get enough sunlight. Your indoor plants will get 12-18 hours ideal lighting time and 26-28f growing temperature throughout the year under this grow light.
After hundreds of growers tested and applied, we designed the wide and sufficient light spectrum. Red Blue spectrum ratio 8:1 combination provide the perfect blend to help in both vegetative and flowering growth. Only 2pcs white leds, providing more useful light for plant growth. While some other sellers use more white leds to save cost.
High efficient photoelectric conversion rate, adopted Epileds 45mil led chips and equipped with 120 degree secondary optical lens magnifies PAR and increase canopy penetration by up to 20%.
High quality lights construction exceed your expectations. After constantly tested and upgraded, we designed this 300w led grow light with mature technology. It comes with Ideal targeted spectrum, excellent heat dissipation system and lower energy costs. CE & ROHS certification, safe and reliable.
Galaxyhydro is a professional M2C manufacture with advanced R & D and ales department. We specialized in led grow light for 9 years, and dedicated to provide customers with better products, professional planting experience and customized services. We also offer 2 year warranty and lifetime consulting services.

Price: $249.00 - $77.99

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Increased yield with Flower Power

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