Medical Marijuana Chocolate Spaceflyin Chip Cookies

I had some free time so decided to share a quick easy recipe for some medicated cookies. I was definitely high before I shot this, as you can tell by me using words like “fridgerate”.

My Ingredients:
*Betty Crocker Cookie Dough Mix
*1 Stick of Beyond Mars cannabutter (approx 114 grams/400mg THC)
*1 Egg

These ingredients are dependent on the cookie mix you pick up. Easy Peezy. I pick up cannabutter from my local dispensary in Colorado. You can also use your own cannabutter, it’s easy to make.

**I used 400mg of THC, and seperated it into eight cookies. The resulting effects are about 50mg THC per cookie. Two cookies, and a glass of milk make for a nice breakfast to start the day.

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