LED Plant Bulbs for Indoor/Outdoor Growing,With Full Spectrum and Clamp Reflector,by ProLedGrow.Red and Blue Light Bulb for Plants, Hydroponics Lights E27 12 LED (3 Blue and 9 Red),Lamp for Plants.

Price: $34.97 - $19.97

NEW 2017 MODEL – THE HIGHEST QUALITY WORLDWIDE STANDARDS LED plant bulbs for indoor growing Guaranteed.
Want to easily grow healthy plants, veggies, or flowers indoors?
Now you can!

Less Heat, More Growth 
This full spectrum Red&Blue Light Bulb for Plants by ProLedGrow ranks #1 in both quality and value.
Give Your Plants The Full Light Spectrum They Need & Maximize Their Growth Tired of dismal results, burned leaves, or LED lights that blink or fail?
We have the perfect solution.
Our LED grow light system is designed to replace natural light and accelerate the growth of your plants.
The LED bulb features 3 blue lights (460 nanometers) that nourish the stem and the leaves, plus 9 more red lights (630-660 nanometers) that stimulate faster blooming and fruition.
The growth of your plants and flowers will be noticeably improved within just 2 weeks or less.
Ideal for any type of indoor gardening and hydroponics plants.
Perfect for: Orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, or countless other types of plants, fruits, or vegetables.
Your High Quality, Bright LED Grow Light Features: -12 Ultra light LEDS per bulb -Extra long lifespan up to 50,000 hours, energy saving 12W lamp -Full Spectrum: Perfect for pot plants, seeding, breeding, farmland, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering and more.

 The package also includes: 

  • 1 Pipe clamp, grips and butterfly screw
  • 1 Plastic ring cover
  • 1 Electric cord and power plug
  • 1 User manual

And remember: Along with your grow light bulb you will also get a reflector completely for free! 

You are fully covered by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + 365 DAYS Extended Warranty !!!

Click The Add To Cart and ORDER NOW your very own  LED PLANT BULB TODAY! Before we SELL OUT


GET YOUR FREE CLAMP REFLECTOR ON EVERY PURCHASE – For each purchase you will receive a clamp reflector system.Very Easy to install.
IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF PLANT AND GROWING – Provides full spectrum light and low power consumption, size E27. Covers large area for ideal photosynthesis.This plant growing light can rapidly improve the health of plant and growing, generally more leaves popping up within 14 days of using this growing lamp on a daily basis.
2017 UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY WITH WORLDWIDE STANDARDS – Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards available in the world and with the best price for world-class quality.
NEW PROFESSIONAL DESIGN 12W RED & BLUE LED FOR FAST GROWING- Because of our special and exclusive design the plants won’t burn or get damaged From the heat of the lamp. hydroponic led plant grow light have 12 LEDs (3 blue & 9 red), ultra bright. Really helps when the plant need extra boost of light, or a few of sun, raining, snowing , dark indoor etc.
110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – I know this item costs you money so.. If the growing lamp won’t help you grow your vegtables and flowers faster and change your life a bit, you may ask for a full refund within 99 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + 365 DAYS Extended Warranty. Do not worry we are here to stay!

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