Led Grow Light, fashion&cool 10W Plant Growing Clip Desk Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck for Indoor Plants flowering, Blooming, Greenhouse, Garden, Office, Home – 10W 3 Bands, Blue

Are you worried about your home plants not getting enough light during the long dull, cold winter period?
Turn it on for 12-14 hours a day to help your plants stay healthy and bring nature home.
Why choose our grow light ?
A: Our grow light only 10W, Small power, suitable for small indoor plants. great for Succulents, orchid, Herbs, all kinds of potted plants and more.
B: Compared with other Amazon products, our products are spread out light, not focused light, there is more cover area can simultaneously irradiate multiple plants, because it is spread out light, not easy to burn plants
C: Colorful Plastic shell could decoration your plants more beautiful and Warmth, rather than monotonous silver.

Blue light( 450-460nm 8pcs) is good for photosynthesis; and help to induce Chlorophyll and carotenoids, which are necessary for healthy leaves;
Red light(620-630nm 8pcs) more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for blooming and flowering, fruit
White light ( 6500K 4pcs)can be used to ensure the plant has it self¡¯s color.
Ideal for all stages of seedlings, vegetable ,flower, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing ,breeding, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, succulents, herb, orchid and more indoor plants

Lifespan: 35,000 hours
Body material: colorful plastic shell and metal clip
LED quantity: 20pcs
Color£ºblue, pink
Light Color: 8 red, 8 blue ,4 white
Warranty: Will respond within 24 hours, 30-day money back or replacement warranty, and lifetime support guarantee

Bulbs are not replaceable
Please water you plants more than used to be(No Grow Light), so that you wont burn your plants.PROFESSIONAL Spectrum Ratio : Grow lights include 20 LEDs (red 8pcs +blues 8pcs+ white 4pcs), Sources rich in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for blooming and fruit .The Chlorophyll and Carotenoid need blue much, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the leaf. white light are more increase the color bright
FLEXIBLE and Adjustable :A flexible, adjustable gooseneck arm lets you posit the light in any direction, the metal clip could firmly fixed on any surface. and the coverage of the light can reach 3-4 square feet.(height: 22 inch, Clamping range up to 2″ , Cord length: 35″)
RAPIDLY Improve Growing: put the grow lights better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 8-12inch without risk of burning leaves. Turn on the lights 12-14 hours/day, they need 8-10 hours rest. Generally more leaves popping up within 2 weeks of using this growing lamp on a daily basis.
SUITABLE FOR succulent, orchids, herbs, potted, foliage and more small plants ,the light can be used it on the balconies , windowsill, gardening or anywhere you want. Really helps when the plant need extra boost of light, or a few of sun, raining, snowing , dark indoor etc.
ENERGY Saving: The grow light use plastic shell, it can avoid using the heat generated by the process will accidentally burn you. low heat and low power consumption, It does not generate any noticeable heat even 17hrs a day. Colorful shell would decoration your plants more beautiful and warmth

Price: $17.99 - $9.99

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