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The legal marijuana industry has seen its profits go up in smoke from overtaxation, overregulation and the federal government’s punitive prohibition on pot. Forbes reporter Will Yakowicz travels to the heart of cannabis country—Northern California’s Emerald Triangle—to talk with farmers, entrepreneurs, and other key players in the industry about how greed is killing legalized weed.

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0:00 Introduction: Growing Cannabis At A Loss
1:25 Meet The Father Of The Legal Cannabis Industry, Steve DeAngelo
2:54 Licenses, Fundraising & Taxes: Why Growers Are Suffering At The Hands Of CA’s Gov’t
5:08 How Glass House Brands Plans To Inject 200,000 Pounds Of Product InTo The Market
7:43 Breaking Down The Cost Of Cannabis As Market Value Plummets
8:35 Is Going The Legal Route Worth The Pain?
9:55 Following The Money: Who Is Legalization Hurting Most?
11:36 “Cannabis Is A Small Business Industry…That’s What We Need To Focus On”
12:30 Without Equity, Where Do Small Businesses Go?
15:03 Why Most Of California’s Cannabis Supply Has No Place In The Legal Market
18:02 The Trials And Tribulations Inside The “Emerald Triangle”
19:50 The Perils Of Regulators Not Understanding The Cannabis Space
21:00 “There’s Nowhere To Export To”
22:10 The Fate Of The Legal Industry

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