Growing Cannabis From Seed PT.2 (Veg Stage)

Today, I teach you how to grow cannabis from seed, (Vegetative Stage) (Veg Stage)
Twist Ties (for training):
Liquid Kelp:
Mycorrhizae Fungi:
Recharge Microbial Innoculant:

Link to “Growing Cannabis From Seed Pt.1”:
Link to “Kelp Video”:
Link to “Cloning Video”:

***Training video:
***Part 3, coming soon!

Grow Equipment I Use

Organic Nutrient Pack:

Aloe Flakes:


Europonic Silica:

Photosynthesis Plus:

Bokashi + Compost Bin:

Mycorrhizae Fungi:

Recharge Microbial Innoculant:

Liquid Kelp:

Clonex Rooting Gel:

Trimming scissors:

Twist Ties for Training:

Razor Blades:

Root Riot Plugs:

Plant Labels:

RockWool Cubes (for Cloning):

Diatomacious Earth:

ISO Alcohol:

Spray Bottle:


Rice Hulls:


Cannabis Seeds:

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