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I’m about to start my next grow and I have thoroughly cleaned my grow room. I give a quick tour of my grow room and show the setup and some marijuana nutrients. I also show cannabis seeds and reveal the strains I will be growing this round. Please click that thumbs up button! 🙂
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Bloom Yellow Bottles

LED grow light-

Blue Planet Nutrients
3-part high yield kit-

►Products shown/mentioned in this video:
My eBook:
4×4 grow tent-
3×3 grow tent-
California Lightworks LED grow light-
Spectrum King LED grow light-
Unit Farm LED grow light-
Inline fan-
8″ oscillating fan-
12″ oscillating fan-
Temperature and humidity monitor-
Foxfarm nutrients-
Beastie Bloomz-
Mammoth P-
pH Up & pH Down-
pH meter-
Eye protection-
Magnifying lens-

Camera used-

►Other equipment I recommend:

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★Music In Video
Outro: Christopher Shorooi – Tales (Instrumental Version)

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