Diversity vs. Stability in Cannabis Seeds, Breeding and Genetics

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there is not a true breeding cannabis seed when you compare it to a major agricultural crop such as corn. you can plant 10 acres of corn without much genetic drift. stability is the ability for one seed to be similar to another, and you have a line.

the more diversity, the higher your chances are of finding something amazing, as well as duds. it goes both ways.

Nat talks about a phenotype hunt project where Humboldt Seed Company looked through 10,000 cannabis plants from 10 licensed facilities in California. 10,000 cuttings will be narrowed down to 50 keepers.

Two different types of breeding programs – First is looking for diversity. mix and match things that are really different and see what happens. The second program is to stabilize genetics. The hard work is stabilizing something you find unique and special.

The most important question kicked off the conversation, “How did purple panty dropper get its name?”

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