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Buying Cannabis Seeds can be a bit risky, if you’re making your purchase online. There are many seed banks that do not have the best results one might expect. Many times it’s best to get your genetic stock from a source that is proven to give good seeds and has the documentation to back it up. Or buy some clones from your local dispensary. It’s very easy to get scammed when buying online if you’ve never done it before. Searching the internet for certain strains will give you a variety of results, and not all of them are good. Finding good quality genetics can be a real challenge for the first time grower and for the experienced grower as well. I normally try and get regular seed stock. You will get about 50% males and 50% females. I like to do my own breeding so finding strong males is important to me. However most of the time you will have the choice between feminized seeds or regular seeds. Feminized seeds are 100% female and are very popular for those that are not interested in breeding. Let me share with you some proven results that’s I’ve experienced to help you get started. I mentioned Vader OG in my last video as a good YouTube Channel to view. Vader and his crew have proven results and do much of their own breeding of strains. Starting with a good Geno type plant and crossing the Mother and Father plants correctly can give some excellent Children or Pheno type strains. Breeding is another subject we will get to in a future video. For now let’s find some great seeds. Go to Ocean Grown Seeds website. Check out the strains page. Getting these strains can be tough to do as you have to really follow Vaders youtube videos to know when a seed drop is going to happen. A seed drop is when OG harvests their seeds and puts them up for sale. You can expect to pay 100 dollars to 150 dollars for ten premium seeds from OG. So far they only offer regular seeds and that suits me just fine. The quality is what’s important, and they got that covered. Ocean Grown uses Lumber Jack Seed source to sell these little rare gems. I call them little rare gems because not many are lucky enough to actually get their hands on OG seeds. But once you do you will have some plants that you can clone for a long time into the future. Finding a good mother to use for cloning is the whole idea in my humble opinion. We will get into how to clone in another video, for now we want the best seeds we can find.… Pass Word: timber If you give the time it will take to get some Ocean Grown Seeds you’ll be very glad you did. I have several strains that I run and every single one of them is top notch. Love these guys and feel lucky to be able to grow their genetics. Another good place that I’ve discovered to buy seeds is Nirvana Seeds. They ship quickly and stealthy. Very reliable with some excellent genetic stock. Both regular and feminized seeds are available Go to the Nirvana website. Check out the strains page. Mandala Seeds is another great find for seeds. I’ve had some good success with. Ace Seeds is one more to check out. Again I’ve had good results. Kingdom Organic Seeds has some good stock and I’ve had good results there. Seed Supreme is a huge seed resource and gets mixed reviews. Many times I will use them for hard to find strains. I’ve always had good results with them. They can take a while to arrive but they have always come through so far. Very stealth packaging. If you go to their website you can always visit the SEED BANK page and many times you can google the breeders name and buy them directly and save some money. If not buy them from Seed Supreme, just be prepared to be patient on delivery.
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