Aeroponic Marijuana – Grow 3 Pounds of Cannabis on just 1 Tower Garden


On this video, Mathias shows an aeroponic tower covered with huge cannabis plants grown outdoors.

Although the tower looks like a tall commercial Tower Garden (44 plants per tower), it is important to mention that the aeroponic tower featured in this video is only a short residential tower (28 plants per tower). It only looks bigger/taller because it is covered with 2 months old cannabis plants…

When visiting our cannabis photo gallery, you can view photos of this tower just with seedlings. In other terms, you do not need a commercial farm to grow such plants! Anyone owning a residential Tower Garden model can accomplish the same at home on their balcony or in their backyard.
At Ibiza Farm, although we only use organic insecticide, we never have had to spray anything on our cannabis plants (not even once!): Growing aeroponic cannabis plants off the ground reduces the risks of pests/fungi related matters greatly!
Just on the tower shown on the video, we harvested a little bit over 3 pounds of extremely potent buds! We could have gotten a higher crop yield, but regrettably, 30 days before harvest, we lost our two most promising plants due to a handling mistake (which we explain in our e-book titled “Do’s and Don’ts of growing cannabis on a Tower Garden”).
Growing cannabis in soil usually demands discipline and dedication as well as ongoing attention to respect the various stage of growth. However, when using a Tower Garden, it’s really just a matter of planting the seedling into the tower and let it do its thing until harvest!
The very same mineral solution is used whether for seedings or to feed full-grown plants.
It is truly the ultimate aeroponic system for growing cannabis at home or commercially.

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