700w HPS Replacement Full Spectrum ZNET9 LED Grow Light for Indoor Growing Weed

Increased yield with Flower Power

Price: $269.00 - $219.99

Product Key Features:
Max Power:300W Hydroponic Led Grow Light

Working Temperature: -20 To 40degrees
LED Quantity:162pcs High Power 5W LED
Operating Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Optical Lens: 90degrees
PAR Reading:
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4.5’X4.5′ @18″
Plants Can Be Grown: 6~9 Plants
Accessory:Power Lead+Hanging Kits+Piggy Cords
ZNET is one popular and stable led grow light brand direct from manufacturer which had been focusing on indoor growing development for over 7 years,also got best yield with way of quantity and quality in mass farming and family tent size from several -year -monitoring data summarized by customers
Features one switch to save half power during seeding phase and turns on two switches with full power to offer energy for other phases. and Daisy chain can connect several lamps with same time control step also save plugs.
Consist of 3w and 5w LED diode with top brand chip ,with 90 degrees and 120 degrees second optics to reach most suitable balance among coverage,PAR,mixture,canopy penetration.7bands wavelength ranges photosynthetic spectrum to give your plant ideal spectrum from seeding to harvest.
ZNET9 can replace more than 600w HPS with draw power of 342w, footprint of 3*3 feet in veg phase while 2*2 feet in Bloom phase to save 50% energy consumption ,while real testing PAR 785umol at the height of 12″.better option for 4’*4’tent in family using.
2mm PCB broad, thick 2.5cm aluminum heat sink,isolated power supplier,UL certificated Plug,Chipset authorized by Epileds, Epistar and bridgelux are onebasic and consistent must of ZNET9 to grantee quality and function.besides,the most important is to keep high and stable lumen output and low than 3% light decay consistently.One year quality warranty,30 dayds return duration ,FL and CA service center available.

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