12W Led Grow Light Bulb,Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb with Red Blue Colors and Three Kinds Wavelength, E27 Socket for Garden Greenhouse and Hydroponic Plant,etc

Price: $15.99 - $12.99

12W Led Grow Light Bulb,Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb for Garden Greenhouse and Hydroponic Plant E27 Socket,3 Red 660nm and 3 Blue 460nm 6 Red 630nm LEDs

Bring You The Most Clear And Intuitive Purchase:
Due to the ever-changing nature of climate change, the plants can not fully absorb the photosynthetic nutrition during their different growth periods in different growth stages. And our LED grow lights create good absorption conditions for plant growth. The energy values of the blue and red areas are very close to the efficiency curves of plant photosynthesis is the best light source for plant growth.

Energy saving
Environmental protection
low carbon
High color rendering index
High demand for plant light quantum components
can effectively extend and scientifically control the plant’s light

The Red and Blue Colors with Three Kinds Wavelength bring your plants better growth.
The red light is mainly concentrated in the range of 630 ~ 660nm, and its effect is to help the flowering results of the plant.
460nm (blue): chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption ratio of the largest, the greatest impact on photosynthesis
630nm 660nm (red light): chlorophyll absorption rate is low, the photosynthesis and photoperiod effect has a significant impact, red light is not only conducive to the synthesis of plant carbohydrates, but also to accelerate the development of long plants.

Input voltage:AC85~265V
Work frequency:50/60Hz
Light source:1w
Epistar Chip Wide Bean Angle:60 degree
Lifespan:50000 hours
Suggested height:1.6ft~5ft
Irradiated area:2.7-10 square feet

One Grow Lights Include:
3*460nm blue light
6*630nm red light
3*660nm red light

Click “Add to card” to get your LED grow lights now! Start to see your plant grow better![Better Growth]: This plant grows light (red and blue) with 12 high quality LEDs: 3 660nm, 6 630nm, 3 460nm. Blue light is to promote plant growth, red light to promote flowering results, different colors of different wavelengths of the mixture to your plant to bring better absorption and growth
[Features]: This led bulb with low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other advantages, to ensure that the plant growth bulbs for your plant to bring high quality and high yield of LED.
[Multi-functional]: indoor garden greenhouse and water plants, especially plant germination suit, vegetables, water plants, meat plants, tomatoes, weeds, flowering and other indoor plant LED lights.
[Easy to use]: This 12W led underwater light, equipped with standard E27 base, can be easily installed or removed this long lamp, easy DIY for your growth lamp system
[Warranty]: 12 months warranty + extended for 6 months after registration, all-weather support for customersDescription

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