Seed to Strain: Pinkman Goo

In this episode of Seed to Strain we meet Twompson Prater the creator of Pinkman Goo, an Indica strain with 18 percent THC.

Prater says he is a child of the cannabis business. Growing up, his father had glaucoma and his mother had battled and beat cancer. Prater’s childhood memories include days playing in the marijuana fields of Northern California.

Marijuana offered medicinal relief to his parents, but it was the science that drew Prater to the plant.

Throughout high school and college Prater focused on math, science, and physics.

Pink Man Goo came to life with the help of Prater’s sister, who found three marijuana seeds in a tin can behind the refrigerator of their home.

The “goo” is resin that has seeped from the leaves of the cannabis plant. It’s so rare to see something like this that the strain has astonished even the most seasoned growers in the industry.

Twompson P

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