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  1. Urea is a salt, ammonium phosphate is a salt, and potassium nitrate is also a salt. Google fertilizer salts for more info. Second for such an award wining product called Flower Power Package why hasn’t it been entered into any contest? Nor has it been in the news locally or nationally. There are a bunch of sponsorship videos going around YouTube claiming the FPP gave their plants superior growth and yield yet they didn’t test or compare it to any other fertilizer. Truth is it’s just re branded Fertilome why else would the Plutonium Bloom have the same NPK as their Rooting and Blooming 9-58-8? Back in December Nukeheads changed the NPK on the label of the Uranium Veg from 20-20-20 to 17-15-13 and fooled their subscribers into believing it was a different formula when they didn’t do anything to it. Contrary to belief Fertilome did not change their blend otherwise they would’ve had to upload a new MSDS from 2015.

  2. Tried the flower power package and the nuclear juice both of them made me change over from advanced. Great products great results. 5 stars

  3. It grows big buds what else do you care about unless your a competitor and it’s hurting your ego it’s outselling your product !

  4. For those who don’t know there’s a rumor going around the internet, from Amazon to YouTube saying Fertilome changed their blend adding more salts to it. This rumor was started by the owner of Nukeheads back in September of last year when he quit selling the Fertilome Geranium Hanging Basket and Rooting and Blooming fertilizer. Then it was replaced with the Flower Power Package. I contacted Fertilome about this and here’s what they said, “Same great formulation we have used for years. No salt “added” as seen in the post. By the way, we do not sell our products on line. If anyone tells you something different they are lying.

  5. By the way the Nukeheads Flower Power Package originally had the same exact NPK as the Fertilome. hmm I wonder why? Maybe cause Cody was repackaging it and marking up the price!

  6. Cody is at again, claiming he designed the Nukeheads Gamma Blaster and owns the company who made it. This is not true if you go to Matristar’s website you’ll see that it’s really just a re branded M650 – LED 1000w 7 Mode 3 Channel Dimmable grow light. Just today they posted a special announcement on the site to clear things up. This is the truth that Cody doesn’t want you to know. Check it out.

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