Purchasing Cannabis Seed

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Purchasing Cannabis Seed

What to Look For With Any Purchased Seed…
Paperwork (COA)
Visual Inspection

Germination- the development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy.
The production of an initial root (radicle)

Emergence- an outgrowth from a stem or leaf composed of epidermal and subepidermal tissue.
The act of the seedling breaking through the soil and unfurling its leaves.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)
When it comes to hemp cultivation licensing, a valid COA is crucial.
A COA is an official document outlining the test results of a given product and common for food, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.
A COA can be performed either in-house or by a third-party as long as the entity is licensed to do so.
Though specific hemp seed requirements vary by location, a valid COA will meet most conditions.
Reputable hemp seed banks will always have a product’s COA ready to view.

What a COA Tells You…
The COA will list all of the most common cannabinoids found in a sample.
Ex. delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, THCv, THCa, CBDa, CBDv, CBN, CBNa and CBC

Note delta-9 THC is the distinguishing factor between hemp and marijuana.

To determine if a sample meets the criteria for “hemp,” or “marijuana” its delta-9 concentration is key.

COA Example
Additionally, a Certificate of Analysis will list product contaminants.

This includes microorganisms, residual solvents and chemicals, and heavy metals (which hemp is notorious for collecting from the soil). Ideally, each of these items should come with a clear “ND” (none detected) stamp.

Visual Inspection
While this may be after the purchase it can provide a general idea of the seed grade you have received.
What do good seeds look like?

Bigger Seed = Better Quality?
Note that cannabis seeds of fiber cultivars are larger than those of drug strains

This could be due in part that fiber based plants having a greater history of being used for food source than the drug based strains.

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