HOW TO GROW WEED: EASY COMPLETE GUIDE for Beginners – Indoor Cannabis – 2023 UPDATED

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This is the easiest most detailed tutorial on how to grow weed and cannabis at home for new growers. Growing marijuana may seem difficult if you just started but this tutorial will break it down as easy as possible from start to finish. It was recorded in a way to keep it simple and it has been revised and re-uploaded several times to clarify and address any questions new growers have had after watching the video. Hundreds of new growers have shared their successful first harvests of big fat weed buds simply by following this complete guide.

A cheat sheet is included and it was mathematically calculated for optimal yields and quality. It has been verified by my 2022 strain hunt which used the same feed on 7 different strains simultaneously and those are the plants seen in this video. Also hundreds of new growers on my “how weed grow” discord have shared their results so this method is verified by third party growers.

Here is a link to the cheat sheet/feed schedule, scroll and click chart:

DISCLAIMER: Please follow all local laws and this is intended to help people grow medicinal marijuana legally or learn about to cannabis plant’s growth.

The basics of how to grow weed is to have a well balanced feed schedule and understanding how to set the best environment using grow equipment. We outline all the details you need to know to get started for a successful cannabis harvest on your very first grow, let’s get started!

0:18 Intro and Proof of Concept, What to Expect
0:49 Essential Equipment
1:04 Lighting Requirements
1:38 Soil & Nutrients
3:06 Airflow,Temperature & Humidity
3:24 Non-Essential Equipment
3:30 Grow Tent
4:05 Inline Fan
4:18 Carbon Filter
4:30 How to Setup – Tutorials on Complete Setups:
4:46 Choosing which Seeds or Clones to get
4:59 Regular Seeds
5:32 Feminized Seeds
5:45 Autoflowers
6:18 How to Germinate Seeds
7:47 Using the Feed Chart/Schedule
8:37 Setting up your Light Intensity and Day & Night Cycle
9:40 How to Prepare Feed Water and Mix Nutrients
10:16 When & How Much to Feed
10:38 Best Watering Techniques
12:07 Flushing Out Nutrients
12:41 Topping a Plant to Increase Yields
12:51 Variances with Grows
13:02 Bloom Preparation, Defoliation & Flipping
13:32 Best time to Clone – Tutorial on Easiest way to Clone:
13:37 Identifying Males & Females – Tutorial on How to Sex:
14:10 When to Harvest – Tutorial on Best Way to Tell:

For How to Dry Cannabis:

How to Cure Weed:

Everything you need to get started: (All in One Kits SUCK because there’s always one thing in the kit that is really bad, I have tested them all) Make sure you clip all coupons.
Inline Fan Kit:
Fabric Pots: (slightly more expensive, but those holes are key)
General Hydroponics Nutrients: (DO NOT get it from Third Party Sellers on Amazon, I have had bad bottles before)
PH Meter, 3-in-1 TDS/PH/Temperature Meter:
pH Up down:
Tip: Buy Soil Locally, it’s usually half the price because shipping a 20 lb bag costs a lot of $ and is baked into the price.

Top 10 Grow Tools I think Every Grower Needs:
Top 10 Mistakes that New Growers Make:

Growing Weed & Cannabis has always been a passion of mine ever since discovering the medicinal benefits of this plant. It has been the only natural way I alleviate pain and I teach people how to grow weed for this ability. New or old, these tutorials are constantly revised to give new growers a shortcut to produce the best quality with entry level knowledge. My goal is and always has been to help people improve their quality of life. I am not sponsored by any company and have no industry obligations.

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