How America lost the war on Marijuana

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How America lost the war on Marijuana: Within a decade, the U.S. went from cracking down on marijuana use to becoming a $47 billion industry. But the road to having dispensaries on every corner, the smell of weed smoke freely in the air and criminal records expunged didn’t happen overnight. It took a couple of states leading the charge – Colorado and Washington in 2012 – to then ripple into near nation-wide legalization. There are now 21 states where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use. Every corner of New York City , for example, is an assault on the nostrils with people lighting up a joint as early as before or just after their morning commute. However, not everyone is on board with the marijuana revolution. Doctors and advocates have highlighted concerns about excessive use of cannabis in high risk groups, especially the youth. has examined when exactly America’s war on drugs changed, the challenges the industry faces and the future of the billion-dollar business.

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