Germinating Autoflower Cannabis Seeds – 100% Success Rate – Full Beginners Guide

In this video I’ll explain u every step in how to get a 100% success rate in germinating cannabis seeds!

Seeds are “Northern Lights Automatic” from Royal Queen Seeds

Quick Tutorial :
1. Put seeds in small glass of ph’d water (5.5 to 6.5ph) and keep them in a dark environment @ 22-23 degrees for 18 to 24h
2. Put the seeds in a (unscented & uncollered) paper towel and soak the towel with the same water from the glass.
3. Keep the paper towel with the seeds in a ziplock bag, and place in a dark environment @ 22-23 degrees for atleast 24-48h
4. Place germinated seeds into their medium.

Good luck!

Disclaimer :
This channel was created for educational & documentary puposes. We do not condone illegal activity or endorse the selling of cannabis. If you are not 21+ of age please do not watch this video!

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