Cooking Stoned in Baked | Vegan Samosa, Cannabis optional | Pillow Talk TV comedy

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Get super stoned and start cooking. Baked while baking! Plus we show you how to make EVERY recipe cannabis infused, because edibles are amazing. Today we bake Vegan Samosa, cannabis optional. We identify the ideal marijuana breaks for getting baked, plus how to bake cannabis into your samosa. They are damn delicious!

Get your “Baked” Gear:

Cooking stoned is the best way to make food. No more down time, just time to get high! Baked while baking cannabis infused foods, or the virgin option. Your choice. Just make sure you light up that marijuana cigarette, charge your vape pen, fill up your oil drops, and plate your gummies. We are getting REALLY BAKED. Sponsored by The Healthy LA.

Pillow Talk TV has new sex comedy Fridays, wherever internet is served. Comedy web series with attitude.

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