Cannabis Seeds How To Mod PS4/XboxOne DayZ 1.07 Nitrado Server [10/14]

Cannabis Seeds How To Mod PS4/XboxOne DayZ 1.07 Nitrado Server [10/14]


Hello friend!

Welcome this 10th installment to this episode guide series I will share with you the fundamental basics of editing zucchini seeds to convert to cannabis for your Xbox One servers in DayZ 1.07. This is the 10th video of many videos that will teach you step by step how to modify your Dayz private server to your very own vision. Since there is really a world of content when it come to modding games I will be sure to upload the things that all gamer’d and moder’s would be interested in learning but if you have a question on how to mod your Xbox One server in DayZ 1.07 message me directly @ any of the links before.

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