Are Online Cannabis Seeds Legal? Why cannabis seeds are everywhere online.

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Always follow your state and local laws , but some people have the right to grow cannabis at home and legally purchase seeds online. We explore the hazy and grey area filled topic of online cannabis seeds to help you understand what your rights are – and why the DEA is seemingly doing nothing to stop online cannabis seed companies from offering their “souvenir” seeds that are for novelty purposes only. how to buy cannabis seeds online is kinda answered here. Either way, people find cannabis seeds for sale online any where they look to learn about cultivation.

Be sure to always check your state and local laws and advocate for legislative reform at the federal level so we can have a sensible cannabis and marijuana seeds policy.

We explain why cannabis seeds are often considered decriminalized because of how little they weigh – a marijuana seed only weighs about 1/50th of a gram. As of July 1st, when Virgina joins the list – 26 states have decriminalized small amounts of cannabis. As such, we expect to see more cannabis seeds online and many websites will be offering marijuana seeds – many already are, but please always comply with your state and local laws.

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