A Beginner's Guide with Kyle Kushman. EP 5: Choosing Your Seeds

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Growing cannabis from seed is a great experience that is quite different from growing from clones. Plus, this route offers a broad range of varieties, diversity, better availability and accessibility, and, most importantly, stronger plants free from genetic degeneration.

When choosing the perfect seed for you, the two most critical factors to consider are the seed type and the strain.


*Regular seeds have roughly a 50/50 chance of becoming a male or a female, and you need both when breeding.

*Feminized seeds grow beautiful, smokable flowers full of cannabinoids. They also eliminate the gender guessing game and the discarding of males.

*Autoflower seeds are perfect for novices and those who are too busy to take care of photoperiods. Despite their smaller yields, they remain small, grow year-round, and typically have a life cycle of under 3 months.


Apart from the seed type, you must also choose which strain to grow.

*Pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant plants are tall, thin plants with long flowering time, which generally translate to higher yields.

*Pure Indica or Indica-dominant plants are easier to grow because they evolved in harsh climates. They mature faster with short, compact bud clusters.

*Hybrids make up most of cannabis cultivars, comprising different combinations of Indica, Sativa, and autos. Generalizing the growth pattern is tricky, so always refer to the details from the breeder or seller.

Once you already have your seeds. How do you know they’ll sprout? Good seeds are usually dark brown, hard with stripes.

In Episode 6, I’ll show the easiest way to germinate your seeds – the first step to growing strong, healthy plants.

See you soon, homegrowers!

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