ZOTRON LED Grow Light 24W, Newest 3rd Generation Growing LED Light Bulbs for Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Greenhouse, Indoor Plants, Herbs and Bonsai Trees

New Kid on the Block, the Best and Brightest in Town!
Newest LED technology and 120 degree wide beam design serves the plants better than natural light source. Plants grow three times faster under this REAL Grow LED lights. As a new product just arrive in the beginning of year 2016, there is only a few reviews. We cordially invite your honest review for this wonderful LED GROW LIGHT. (Note: there are many LED grow lights in the marketplace, but most of them do not use REAL GROW LEDs. As a result, the wavelengths of the lights are incorrect and they may kill your plants, wasting your time and money. Our lights last six times longer than HID lights and save you up to 80 percent in energy costs. Real Grow LED lights are only warm to the touch, won’t burn plants, and contains no HID toxins – the green grower’s choice in lamps)
The Sun is Yours!
Close your eyes and imagine your plants and indoor garden, and its future. With Zotron Real Grow lights, you can now easily expand that future with a larger lighting area and quickly growing plants. The 120 degree wide beam Real Grow lamps can cover five times the normal 75 degree lamps that are currently on the market. Gone are the days of worrying about heat and light damage to your plants. You can control the lighting condition by adjusting the height of the low-heat LED Grow Light. As if you own the sun, the luminosity, duration of light and coverage area can also be controlled at will.
See the difference yourself. Click the “Add to Cart” button and have your own Sun!

✪ UNIQUE PRODUCT: Zotron© LED GROW LIGHT 24w is a unique product which has 24 watt power and 120 degree wide angle beam.
✪ OPTIMUM ENERGY: Plants grow three times faster under this LED INDOOR GROW LIGHT. REAL GROW© LED chips manufactured by Epistar® produce healthy energy exclusively for plants. Wavelengths are fine tuned to perfection in 4 bands as 16 pcs red (630, 660) and 8pcs blue (440, 460), which are optimum for plants’ growth and bloom
✪ NO HEAT, NO IR & UV RAYS: Sturdy aerospace grade aluminum lamp housing also serves as built-in heat sink. The working temperature never increased even after 24 hours of continuous use.
✪ MORE EFFECTIVE COVERAGE: 120 degree wide angle beam covers more efficiently over 10 feet diameter, which is five times larger than ordinary lamps. Light beam spreads evenly without hot spot.
✪ ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY: Buy with Confidence. Amazon Customer Service will Take Care of Everything for You. No Question Ask FULL Refund. (Please View Photo Gallery for More Info)

Price: $33.99 - $20.95

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