The 7 easy steps of growing cannabis [All you need to know]

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This video by Royal Queen Seeds describes the 7 easy steps to growing your own healthy marijuana plants.

#Growing #cannabis is not difficult—especially when you consider it used to be called “ditch weed” because it would be the dominant plant growing in drainage ditches beside other crops. You can rightly assume that marijuana is a virulent plant, even more so today as hybridisation has strengthened contemporary cannabis in a number of beneficial ways. Hybrids are more sturdy, disease and pathogen-resistant, and grow more vigorously. This is great news for the modern cultivator as the cannabis available today is not only the most potent ever bred, but also the strongest and most robust weed to have ever existed.

Like many satisfying achievements in life, growing cannabis takes practice. Cannabis may be a hardy plant, and like the old saying goes “will grow on a rock if it gets a drink”, but the finished flowers of course would be laughable. It takes skill, developed over time with experience to get primo buds in the drying room. The #7steps outlined in this video are the basics for getting high-quality buds from healthy plants every time. Getting the fundamentals right provides a solid base on which to build skills; your own experience is the true value, and you will go from growing great buds to growing simply incredible buds in due time.

Whether you are endeavouring to go small in a cupboard or big in a backyard, we have the information you need to get the best results. Our range of seeds is sure to cater to any given grow environment. If it’s rapid-growing, weighty autoflowers with controlled heights and out-of-control potency you require, or Cali genetics for growing those astonishingly big trees, Royal Queen Seeds has you covered. We will make sure you get it right from the start with the perfect genetics for your situation. Really, the most difficult part of growing weed is trying to choose a strain from our extensive seed catalogue.

Explore the RQS website and put the fun in “fundamental”. You can absorb decades of growing experience in easy to read blogs with lots of yummy pics and informative videos. Head on over now, and happy growing!

00:00 Introduction
00:05 Choosing your cannabis seeds
00:18 Cannabis fundamentals
01:52 Light
02:16 Germination and Cannabis Seedlings
02:33 The vegetative phase
03:02 The Flowering period
03:33 Harvesting, Drying and Curing


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