Seeds, breeders, and seedbanks. Some of the best in my opinion!

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a list of the seedbanks i have used to find genetics.

Mars Hydro LED Homepage
Discount code: YP2020

Sundae Punch Sundae Driver x Purple Punch

Gorilla grow tent two 5×5 x2
Gorilla grow tent 5×9
Gorilla gear boards
Botanicare 4×4 Tray
Botanicare 40 gallon resevior
Fast Fit stand 4×4
Aeromixer pump
Gavita 1700e LED
Spectrum King 600 LED
Spectrum King 400plus LED x2
Mars Hydro LED SP250
Emerald Harvest Nutrients
Advances Nutrients Overdrive
Little Giant Pump
BlueLabs Guardian connect
BlueLabs PH Controller
BlueLabs PH/PPM pens
6 inch floraflexCaps
FloraFlex disconnect pipe

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