Pro Marijuana Grow Tent? Or Custom Closet Grow Box? Growing Weed Indoors 2013

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Growing Weed Indoors 2013 – Think you can save money with a cheap Grow Tent?

Recently a viewer asked me to talk about the set up of my closet marijuana veg grow room – and wanted to know what I thought about buying a fully enclosed grow tent online.

If you are a first time grower wondering if you should get a grow tent or grow in the closet – then you probably don’t have permission or legal license to grow.

Stealth grow tents seem like the simple solution for those who are new to growing their own weed. But even with a commercial grow tent, you must construct your grow area with safety in mind.

In this video I give some closet marijuana growing tips that are important as you plan out your closet grow.

Pro Marijuana Grow Tent? Or Custom Closet Grow Box?

Break The Taboo. Growing Weed Indoors 2013 – how to grow weed

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