Outdoor Marijuana Grow | Update #3 June 2018 | King TUT Auto Flower

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In this video we show case the last of the King Tut auto flower grow. This grow was real fun and interesting to see come together. Unfortunately we did run into a little pest problem at the end. My neighbors trees and plants are hanging over the wall where I had this plant flowering and some bugs and unexpected caterpillars were found, so at the end of the vid you will see that I dunked this plant into some lemon water to get the bugs out before drying. We also show 2 different ways how we trim our plants, 1: The fast or intricate way you can use with the clippers whether you like to take your time or rush. the 2nd technique used is my personal fav only because I hate trimming LOL! its the carefully pluck with your hands method, very quick and efficient but be careful, I only recommend this method to the more experienced. Thank you again for taking this journey with us as we will continue to give you dope vids and updates on our outdoor challenges here in the Nevada heat.

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