Outdoor Home Grow Ep 1 – How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Learn how to plan a personal outdoor cannabis home grow in this first episode of Blue Sky Organics Outdoor Series with host Mark Zealand.
In this video we will cover how to choose a strain best suited for your region’s climate. How to germinate your plants. The difference between Auto flowering plants and photoperiod plants. How to choose an area that receives as much sun as possible throughout your plant’s life. How to choose the proper pot size for 3 months and larger if its growing all summer.

In these 5 videos, we’ll cover seed selection for outdoor growing, photoperiod vs auto flower growing, site preparation, the different stages of plant growth, the importance of monitoring weather and how it can affect your plants, how to avoid pests and mould, when and how to harvest your outdoor plants and how to dry and cure your buds. After watching these videos you’ll be able to grow like a pro!

For the easiest complete organic grow system make sure you pick up the Bluesky Organics Craft Kit here before starting:

You must be 19-years or older in Canada or 21-years or older in the USA to grow at home. We don’t include or sell seeds with the kit we recommend.

For germination video Click Here :

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