NOVA SN300 Professional LED Grow Light – SuperNova Full Spectrum 300W Lamp for Indoor Growing – Highest PAR Output of Any 300W LED Panel – 5 Year Warranty – US Company

Increased yield with Flower Power


Pro Features
The SuperNova boasts a professional upgrade to the optimal and efficient features of the Nova 300 series. The SN300 is guaranteed to have the highest PAR output of any 300W light on the market. We were able to achieve this by adding a 90° secondary magnifying lens on every bulb and optimizing internal components. Dual spectrum switch splits our proprietary combinations of (US-made) LED bulbs between the VEG switch (purple/blue) and BLOOM (pinks/reds). Expanding your professional garden is simple with the daisy chain feature.

Less Heat, Less Energy Draw, More Power
Despite the powerful PAR increase we’ve still managed to keep energy consumption extremely low. Replacing HPS 400W, the SN300 only draws 176W with both switches on. (See ‘Wattage Usage’ chart in photos). High PAR and LUX does not mean high heat. Your plants can remain cool, even at fairly close range. The upgraded NOVA Ventilation System is equipped with 2 larger high powered, 2200 RPM, virtually silent fans.


  • 100x 3W LEDS (US Made)
  • Dimensions 19″x8.3″x3.2″
  • Weight 13 lbs
  • Voltage (AC) 90V-264V (for international compatibility)
  • Lifespan 50,000-100,000 hours
  • Span Angle of LEDs 90/90°


  • SuperNova 300W LED Grow Lamp
  • Power plug
  • Hanging wire
    HIGHEST PAR OUTPUT OF ITS CLASS – We’ve done the side by side tests with all of the top contenders in professional grade 300 watt LED grow lights and the NOVA SN300 ranks the highest everytime. This is made possible by the streamlined efficiency of the internal mechanisms and the addition of a secondary magnifying lens on every bulb.
    PROFESSIONAL GRADE FEATURES – A secondary magnifying lens has been added to every bulb which increases the PAR output by over 50%. The dual spectrum switch feature splits the 12 band full spectrum of LED bulbs between the VEG switch (heavy purple/blue) and BLOOM (heavy pinks/reds). Daisy chain feature allows for easy expansion to as many lights as needed for your garden.
    SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY – Significantly decrease your power bill, with a draw of only 176W using NOVA LED, compared to 400W using HPS bulbs. That is an over 45% decrease in energy consumption, allowing you to plan for more lights in your setup while still cutting costs.
    LESS HEAT WITH NOVA VENTILATION SYSTEM – Keep your plants extra cool without the need for exhaust fans and cooling systems. The NOVA SN300 grow light was designed to feature 2 high speed, virtually silent fans as well as a heavy-duty vented aluminum heat sink. These proprietary cooling features combined with our premium low-heat LED bulbs makes the NOVA series among the lowest heat-emitting LED indoor grow lights on the market.
    US COMPANY, 5 YEAR WARRANTY – You should not be making risky investments in your garden. We stand by our lights as a US company, offering full support and a 30 day money back guarantee. Activate the 5 year warranty by registering your grow light serial numbers on our site.

    Price: $239.95 - $239.85

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Increased yield with Flower Power

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