Nicesmile 1500W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights ,340W Double-Chips 10W LED Plant Lamp Best Indoor Grow Tent For Growing and Flowering

Base type: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Power: 1500W
Actual Power Consumption: About 350W ±5% Power, much better than the same products in the marketplace
Weight: 5kg
Material: Alumimium
LED Quantity: 150leds
LED Color: 100Red + 36Blue + 8White + 2Orang + 2Infrared + 2Ultraviolet
Light Spectrum: Red: 630-660nm; Blue: 430-470nm; UV: 380nm; IR: 730nm; White: 6500K; Orange: 590-610nm
Lifespan: > 50000hours
Voltage: AC85~ 265V (All countries can use the grow light)
Warranty: 3 years

Package Includes:
1 x 1500W LED Grow Light
1 x Free Hang Steel Wire
1 x Free Power Cord Worldwide Power Cord

Here is how specific wavelength works:
280~315nm: Less influence for plant’s growth.
315~400nm: (UV)Absorb less chlorophyll, prevent stem growth.
400~520nm: (Blue): Absorb much chlorophyll and carotenoid, helpful for photosynthesis.
520~610nm: (Green): Absorb little chlorophyll.
610~720nm: (Red): Increase photosynthesis for plants, help growth.
720~1000nm: (IR): effect flowering and seed.
>1000nm: Change to heat.
Dimension: 410*210*72mm(16.5 x 8.6x 3inches).,150pcs*10w chips(5w double chips),it’s enough brightest for every veg and flower.
Actual Power Consumption:350W~450W, Low power consumption and High efficiency, Energy save more than 75%~85%.
Full Spectrum: Red:630nm-660nm; Blue:430nm-470nm; Orange: 590nm-610nm; White:6500K 3500K; IR:730nm; UV:380nm(IR:730nm:It is hard to see clearly by eyes, very dim.Please don’t think they are not working. Instead, it plays an very important role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.)
This product is suitable for bananas, flowers, Dendrobium orchids, tobacco, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, lettuce and other herbs, vegetables, flowers, plants and plant tissue culture.
We are profeesional Led grow light mannufacture.Bulk order or any other question, pls feel free to contact with us. Order fulfilled by seller —-Free and fast shipping by DHL, Fedex, etc. About 5 to 12 business days for delivery

Price: $179.99

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