Marijuana Health Facts: Why Are You Drug Tested For Marijuana?

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Marijuana Health Facts: Why Are You Drug Tested For Marijuana?

Do you know why your job drug tests you?
Companies often times have strict codes of conduct to adhere to which require an employee to maintain certain behaviors or keep updated with periodic check-ins or reviews. Some companies will drug test an employee before or randomly during employment.
But do those drug tests screen for marijuana and when they do, why?

The government began using drug screening for marijuana in roles that were dangerous or required intense focus, like being a pilot or a police officer, but then extended the screenings to professional athletes. After that, they began screening athletes even at a college or amateur level. It soon became evident that drug tests were a major source of profit. Drug tests became a regularly administered thing before any kind of job, whether it was operational or not.

But since states have began legalizing the use of medical marijuana, and now two years after the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado, will drug tests remain relevant?
And should drug tests for marijuana even be given in states where it has been decriminalized?

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