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Today on Discover Marijuana, we talk about some of the side effects of medical marijuana and how to avoid them. The side effects of medical cannabis are much less pronounced than those in a recreational use program mostly due to the amount of Delta 9 THC consumed.

When we are talking about medical marijuana, we are using microdoses (Watch our video on microdosing here: When using microdoses, there still may be some effects that are different than expected. Those effects are ones that you will get used to, or build a tolerance to, over time. Some of the effects are caused by taking too much too fast for your condition. This is why talking with your QMP and Pharmacist is important.

If you want to schedule a time to meet with a QMP to get your medical marijuana card in Utah please visit us at:

We know that medical cannabis is new to most of us and that many of us have questions. Even though CBD has been widely accepted across the country, many are still left wondering about it. Discover Marijuana is all about getting you the information you need to dispel the myths and allow you to know the options you have when looking into plant-based medicine.

Tim Pickett, a Utah QMP and founder of, meets with patients daily to recommend medical cannabis. Having a certain CBD dosage on hand as you ease into this treatment is highly recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar or made uncomfortable by the euphoric head high that comes with cannabis. CBD will help to tap that feeling down a bit.

Your other host, Blake Smith, CSO of, a Utah CBD and cannabis company, has studied cannabis and the endocannabinoid system for years, and it shows. While Tim takes over how to use CBD, THC, and loads of other cannabinoids to help different ailments, Blake will explain WHY CBD works for Parkinson’s, pain, seizures, etc. for a full spectrum view of your treatment. We believe this will help patients take control of their own healthcare — something that hasn’t been possible in many other areas.

For more information on getting a Utah Medical Marijuana card or Utah marijuana laws, visit Learn more about cannabis strains available in Utah at Find a Medical Cannabis pharmacy near you at

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