LED Grow Light bulb, Lemontec High Efficient Hydroponic Plant Grow Lights system for Garden Greenhouse and Hydroponic Aquatic,12W

LEMONTEC LED Light, with its combination of targeted spectrum beams, optimized luminosity, red and blue bulb differentiated functionality, and highly controlled heat dissipation, is the ideal lighting, growing, and boosting tool for all indoor gardening purposes.

It provides rapid and yet full growth of flowers, plants, and vegetables, and is usable during all growth stages.

Its pure aluminum body and ribbed design help keep it cool even after hours of continuous use. Its particle-wavelength spectrum, which is based upon chlorophyll and carotene specific requirements of plants (blue 400-470nm; red 610-720nm), gives highly efficient and energy saving service.

The LED unit is adaptable to any desk lamp, needs no lamp base, fits a standard E27 electronic socket, and has no radiation or harmful side effects. Its suggested illumination distance and area are 1.7-5 ft and 2.6-15 sq. ft. respectively. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

LED Light for hydroponic plant growth and other high-output indoor gardening projects including those for fruits and vegetables; 3-band targeted spectrum of particle wavelength (460, 630, 660 nm) promotes ideal photosynthesis with optimal heat dissipation while operating on low voltage.
State-of-art specs of 12W with 12 LEDs (1W/LED); blue-light LED renders fuller, taller vegetative growth; red-light LED boosts growth of buds, flowers, and fruits.
Fits standard E27 socket; easy set-up with any desk lamp; no special lamp-base necessary.
Polished aluminum body construction and ribbed design keeps the unit cool and highly efficient in luminosity; light operates easily for 24+ hours without overheating; overall service life is up to 50,000 hours.
High quality electronics are complimented by 12-month warranty

Price: $9.99

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