INMAKER LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Plant Light with Timer and Auto Watering Mode, Intelligent Desk Plant Grow Lamp

Increased yield with Flower Power

Price: $199.99 - $39.99

-It is only used for small potted plants of less than 12 inches high.
-The grow light can simulate sunlight, and provide full-spectrum light, to care your plants, but it doesn’t speed up the growth.

* Caring smart design builds a more comfortable environment for the growth of your plants, and also adds taste and pleasure to your life.
* Stylish and simple cloud-profile design brings you a comfortable and quiet life experience.

Two Types of Automatic Watering Mode
Mode 1: Watering once every three days, with 0.5 cup of water each time.
Mode 2: Watering one time every seven days, with 0.5 cup of water each time.

Two Modes
Interaction mode: Under this mode, the cloud is blue, and the product can detect moving objects by infrared sensor technology. When you walk by it, the cloud will simulate rainy weather, and the plant light will be off, accompanied with thunder and lightning, which will last for 42 seconds, and then it will be back to normal status.
Quiet mode: Infrared sensor stops working, and the cloud becomes yellowish, to create you a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Adjustable Height
The height of the lamp can be adjusted to 13 inches, 11 inches or 9 inches, to meet the demands of growing and light of your plants to the maximum.

Smart Lighting Mode
The plant light will be off for 8 hours automatically after it is on for 16 hours every day.

Product Details
Color: White
Material: ABS+PP
Power: 3W
Input: 100-240V
Output: 5V/1A
Weight: 1.43 LB
Dimension: 8.7*7.9*20.3 inches

Time saving. Full spectrum lighting helps growth by offering stable supplementary lighting. No longer moving plant from desk to window and back frequently to absorb sunlight.
Compact and convenient. Retractable Height leaves appropriate room. A light grows up with your plant. USB plug is more applicable.
Happiness and achievability. 2 automatic watering modes supply sufficient water regularly. All you need to do is make sure the water and electricity and witness its growth.
Have more fun. Simulated natural growing environment through lighting up for 16h and out for the rest 8h every day. And it has bad stormy weather and nice summer day for green life.
Choose a reliable server and pal. Kawaii looks and sturdy structure. Never flickers, no sharp edges causing potential cuts. Always taking good care of your potted plant.

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Increased yield with Flower Power

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