Icemud’s Grow Videos: Day 20 flowering, Making feminized cannabis seeds

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This is an update of my indoor legal medical marijuana garden on day 20 flowering. I am using colloidal silver to spray my female GDP plant so it produces pollen instead of female flowers. This pollen will be crossed with another female GDP cultivar, as well as with 10 other strains for F1 hybrid crosses.

The purpose of making seeds is to preserve my favorite genetics for future use so I don’t have to keep so many plants, as well as to create new crosses with hopes of something magical happening. These seeds are NOT for sale, trade and no I will not send any out. Please don’t ask.

Strains include: Mendo Grape Kush, Trainwreck (Arcata cut), Candyland, GDP, Racefuel OG, Ogiesel, Tangie #5, Tangie #3, Harlequin and Black Cherry Soda.

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