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In this video we show you how to make cannabutter cookies(marijuana infused cookies) . Cookies are considered the easiest edible to make along with brownies, a great edible for starters as well as the seasoned weed veteran. In the video we break down the recipe into easy to follow steps making the process very simple. In the video we call for a smaller amount of each ingredient most other recipes. We do this because like normal cookies weed cookies also go bad over time, except you put all your precious weed in these cookies so be cautious if you are planning on doubling the size of the recipe, and make sure there are plenty of mouths to feed so it doesn’t go to waste. After about a week, the cookies will go bad, potentially 2 weeks if you keep them in a refrigerator, but they will taste best the day of baking similar to regular cookies. The recipe we present in the videos can be altered to your liking if you wish, such as adding more sugar if you like your cookies a particular way or even replacing the chocolate chips with a different cookie topping, such as almonds or white chocolate. When baking your cookies you can pull them out earlier or later depending how crisp, or soft you like your weed cookies. We would recommend 10-12 minutes for a standard cooking time, but encourage variation for the best results that are tailored towards your liking. If you enjoy our cookie recipe make sure to share the video with your friends so they can enjoy these amazing cannabutter cookies too.!

Oh yeah and only make these cookies if you want to get really high when you eat them.

Feeling lazy or just too high drive? We got you covered, here are the links to everything you need that you might not have.
eggs –
sugar –
brown sugar –
baking soda –
salt –
vanilla extract –
chocolate chips –
flour –
cookie sheet –
cooking spray –

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