How to Make Medical Marijuana Gummies with Distillate

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Right now in the state of Florida you cannot buy cannabis gummy bears, or any type of cannabis edible from a dispensary. The Florida Department of Health has not yet issued the rules governing the sale of edibles, therefore they are still as yet unavailable.

Aside form all the other advantages of oral administration of cannabis, there are two big reasons to make gummies like this:

1. Accurately dosing your medicine in 5mg increments

2. They can be kept in the mouth longer than cannabis distillate and tincture, for better oral absorption

What I decided to make were small gummy bears with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio. Each gummy to contain 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. Reason being that I found this ratio to be the most beneficial to the most number of patients, myself included.

For a patient with very little cannabis experience (myself not included) this “microdose” is the key to figuring out or “dialing in” their optimal dose.

Start with one gummy and see how you feel. Next time take two and see how you feel. Three, four, five, and so on until you find you ideal dose.

You can experiment with different types of THC distillate, however I found the difference negligible. The most potent available today in Florida is from Liberty Health Sciences which has 900mg of THC in a single syringe.

I wouldn’t experiment with CBD. There are just so many out there, i like to play it safe with the brand I know is high quality and high potency. Provida Health makes full-spectrum hemp oil that is readily available to anyone online or in health food stores.

These were made on my very FIRST ATTEMPT at making cannabis gummies (or any gummies or candy for that matter) with my own legally purchased ingredients. They were made solely for my consumption as a medical patient and adhere to the oral mode of administration allowed under Florida Department of Health guidelines.

900mg of Cannabis THC Distillate
900mg of High Quality CBD Oil
3 Pouches of Knox Gelatine
1 Packet of Jolly Rancher gelatin mix
1/2 cup of water
Silly Molds* Gummy Bear Molds

Add water to small saucepan and put on low heat
Stir in Gelatine and Jolly Rancher mix
Stir in THC and CBD
Use dropper to add mixture to molds
Refrigerate and eat!

Try and be consistent when filling the molds, but it’s okay if they aren’t all exactly the same size. The beauty of the 5mg does is that you can’t really go too high, too fast. Potency may fluctuate from 4mg-6mg, but the difference is negligible.

You’ll notice the gummies are of a strong consistency. That’s to make them more like a hard candy that you can suck on for a while instead of eating. Not only does this comply with current Florida approved routes of administration, sublingual (or oral) is actually a preferred form of absorption over digestion.

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