How To Grow Marijuana: A Beginner's Guide – EP 2. Buying Your Stuff

One of the basic and most crucial steps in setting up a cannabis garden is buying the necessary equipment for creating an optimal environment for the plants. In this episode, Kyle Kushman tours 55 Hydroponics to give new growers some recommendations on the must-have supplies when cultivating marijuana at home, as well as the considerations one must think about before purchasing the item.

Building a grow space from scratch is a daunting task, especially if you’re new to cannabis horticulture. Moreover, growers with different growing techniques and strain preferences would require different sets of equipment. However, for those starting from scratch, the best approach is to purchase basic equipment – something that every grower needs in the garden.

For indoor cultivation, you’ll need:
– Grow tent
– Lights and reflectors
– Veganix/nutrients
– Humidifier and dehumidifier
– Soil
– CO2 tank

Depending on the brands chosen, starting a grow space can cost around $2500. But considering that these are one-time purchases, investing in good quality equipment ensures that these products will be with you grow after grow.

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