How to build a indoor medical marijuana Grow Room 6x 600 watt, by LIMBO

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How to build a medical marijuana Grow Room 6x 600 watt, by LIMBO
I make this grow room for medical marijuana users..
There are a lot of different grow systems, but this is my way to growing.
The grow video will come soon on YouTube where you can see how to grow medical marijuana with ANA-B nutrition’s.
Information about seeds and Nutrition’s you will find on my website

Room specification:
Grow room aria 5 M2 / 15 sq ft
Air input: 1500 M3
Air output 3000 M3
Carbon filter 100 cm
Light: 6 x 600 Watt HPS
Nutrition tank: ± 1000 liter.
Water system: ebb and flow
Strain : 48 x Amnesia Haze

Growing Marijuana by Limbo with ANA-B nutrition
to be continued on

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