How And When To Harvest Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants (Candyland Pt 4)

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It’s time to harvest! This is what you’ve spent weeks leading up to – a giant outdoor marijuana harvest in this final installment.

Jacob & Tyler Estes from Ken Estes’ Grand Daddy Farms tell BigMike exactly how they handle harvesting their marijuana plants. Watch now to discover…

* Exactly WHEN it’s the right time to harvest

* How they strip certain leaves before harvest to help get bigger buds and make harvesting easier

* The Grand Master Grower secret they use to maximize trichomes, crystals and potency just days before harvest (two word hint: underwater marijuana)

* How they go about drying and curing marijuana (pay attention to their tips about lights at this time)

* Why they harvest the top buds first to increase yields (don’t miss this tip!)

* Their best tips on drying marijuana buds including humidity levels, heat and more.

* The ideal length of time for curing marijuana plants after harvest

* Plus much, much more!

Don’t miss the tips in this episode because they can help you pick up extra pounds & potency at harvest time. After all, you’ve spent weeks lovingly growing your plants, so you should do everything in your power to get the biggest yields possible. That’s it for this series, however you should subscribe to our channel now to get more great marijuana growing content in the near future.


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