Growing Cannabis From Seed Part 1 – How To Germinate Seeds

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Cannabis Seeds:

PART 2 (VEG Stage):
PART 3: (Flowering):

Products in this Video:

Twist Ties (for training):
Liquid Kelp:
Mycorrhizae Fungi:
Recharge Microbial Innoculant:

Link to “Kelp Video”:
Link to “Cloning Video”:

Grow Equipment I Use

Cannabis Seeds:
Organic Nutrient Pack:
Aloe Flakes:
Europonic Silica:
Photosynthesis Plus:
Bokashi + Compost Bin:
Mycorrhizae Fungi:
Recharge Microbial Innoculant:
Liquid Kelp:
Clonex Rooting Gel:
Trimming scissors:
Twist Ties for Training:
Razor Blades:
Root Riot Plugs:
Plant Labels:
RockWool Cubes (for Cloning):
Diatomacious Earth:
ISO Alcohol:
Spray Bottle:
Rice Hulls:
Simple, DIGITAL Timer:

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online (Video):
How to Germinate Pumpkin Seeds:

-This is a Medical Marijuana Video intended for those in Medical Marijuana States/Countries.

-How to germinate seeds, germinating seeds,

-Learn how to grow cannabis, veg, and grow massive buds! I’ll go over germination, planting seeds, feeding & watering, nutrients, ph, low stress training, topping, fiming, boosting yields, harvesting, drying, trimming, curing, cbd, autoflowers, clones, ect.
-How to grow cannabis, How to grow weed, How to grow marijuana, How to grow Ganja, Growing Cannabis, Growing ganja, Growing weed, Growing Marijuana
Aloe Vera Benefits:

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