Determining a male cannabis plant marijuana facts about abortion dogs eating weed

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Description of a male plant is grape like flowering that have not open in the crevice of the plants arm that holds the leaf I recently found out a while ago that my dog is quite attracted to plants cannabis in general he likes to sniff it and pull out the leaves and chew on them slightly not the stem part just to soft tissues I figured this would be a perfect little snack for him they’re filled with vitamins and antioxidant B12 and there is no THC in a male plant but for some reason Health officials claim that all there artificial foods that are they of scientifically made are so healthy I don’t know what to eat or not to because if stretched our food out from just a few species of fruits and vegetables to over 3000 apples species with diabetes and IBS and Crohn’s disease going wrap it nowadays I wonder is any of our food any good and then we turn around and say that natural things are not good that’s cuz your dirty hands didn’t get a hold of them and we all know today that good is bad and bad is good don’t teach your children will teach him don’t tell him what to do or discipline them they’ll shoot up schools and then we’ll arrest them this world is all up in Flames ready for hell to open up its doors I’m not a part of that I don’t agree with the crowd and I have my own mind be free truly free indeed when you’re no longer a slave to sin but to life truth joy peace the one true God God bless you in Jesus name amen no longer feel shame or guilt for the life that you live for the truth will set you free and he who is free is free indeed don’t think you’ve gotten away with anything in your lifetime but feel the clear relief of the father’s blessing on your soul when you repent of your wrong ways and live life for God and not for self which is non gratifying and a struggle to keep up with impossible in fact in your end results are death have a second chance at Salvation through Jesus Christ and God bless in Jesus name amen

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