Cannabis Use in Teens: Risks, Patterns and Potential Therapeutic Effects

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Cannabis use in teens is a topic of increasing interest within the medical field and the public at large. In 2019, at the Partners in Pediatric Care (PIPC) conference, Dr. Bernard J. Bierman, M.D., delivered findings on marijuana use in young adults.

In this presentation, “Cannabis Use in Teens,” Dr. Bierman outlines risk factors, substance use patterns, potential therapeutic effects and more.


This video is part of a series from the Partners in Pediatric Care (PIPC) conference in 2019. For the full playlist, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caJUeLsZYek&list=PLNxqP-XbH8BIRNqonR_aCqOWPaG1I4t60

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