Cannabis Seeds & Germination 101 // How To Grow

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Hey buds and welcome to my video on cannabis seeds and germination! Germination is the first step to any cannabis grow, and there are tons of ways to get this done. In this video I will cover a how to germinate and plant your seeds in two different ways, direct to soil and paper towel method. I also cover seed storage as well as the basics of breeding. Some growers will claim to have methods with 100% germination rates, but this depends on the seeds, the methods I cover will give you the best chance of 100% germination rates.

0:36 – Direct to Soil – This section covers how to germinate and plant your cannabis seeds directly into the soil, no transplants or paper towels needed. This method is not known to have the best success rate, but is by far the easiest way to germinate your weed seeds. With this method you will need water, a seed, soil (seed starter etc) and mycorrhizae. This method is perfect for autoflowers and photoperiod plants.

2:34 – Paper Towel Method – This section covers how to germinate and plant your marijuana seeds via the paper towel method. This method is commonly known to have the highest success rate among all levels of growers. With this method you will need a cup, water, plate, paper towel, seed, soil (seed starter etc) and mycorrhizae. This method is suggested for photoperiod plants, autoflowers may experience a slight shock during initial transplant.

5:46 – How to Store your Seeds – This section will cover how to properly store your cannabis seeds. Simply use a box such as a cigar box (or similar design), put your seeds inside and store it in a dark place. I also discuss about storing your pot seeds in the fridge.

7:28 – Where Do Seeds Come From? – Also known as introduction to breeding. I briefly discuss the differences between regular, feminized, autoflower and photoperiod plant, and how a male and female plant are used to create regular seeds. Two females are used to create feminized seeds, although that’ll have to be another episode.


Boiling, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sandpaper: I researched these methods but founds them over the top and unnecessary. With that being said, the video should cover all the steps on how to germinate your seeds, and if you have any questions please drop them below in the comment section!

Mycorrhizae: Some growers start applying mycorrhizae after the plant has been transplant from a 3.5″ square pot or larger. Personally speaking I try to expose my cannabis seedlings to mycorrhizae as quickly as possible to inoculate the root zone.

I hope everyone enjoyed, keep growing and keep learning!

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– Items Used –

Seed Starter:
Jiffy Pellets –
(Now Using) General Hydroponics Rapid Rooters –

Big Rootz Soil (Soil King) –

Fabric Pot:
3 Gallon Fabric Pot –
Smart Pots (Suggested over Generic but Pricier) –

Other Equipment:
Measuring Cup (Shot Glass Style) –

– Fertilizers –

Main Fertilizers:
Worm Castings –
Hummus –
Bio-Char –
AGmino –
KelPlex –
Kelp Meal –
Soybean Meal – OR Bat Guano –
Nutritional Yeast –
Cane Juice Crystals –
Granular Humic Acids –
Alfalfa Meal –
CalPhos –
Langbeinite –
Azomite –
Sea-90 Mineral –
Greensand –

Mykos (2.2lbs Granular For Transplants) –
Mykos WP (12oz Soluble (WP) For Compost Teas) –
Azos –

Top Dresses:
Glacial Rock Dust –
Neem Seed Meal –
Fish Bone Meal –
Insect Frass –

Foliar Sprays:
The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator –
Pure Protein –

– Compost Tea Brewer –

Air Pump:
5 Gallon Bucket –
Large Air Stone –
Hydrofarm 45l Air Pump –

Water Filter:
Boogie Brew Water Filter –

– Please note this is what I use, and are my personal suggestions –

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