Cannabis Seed to Harvest Full Time-Lapse 4k

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Most of my content doesn’t get monetized, if you support my channel please subscribe and click the bell notification. If you are looking to create your own #timelapse I have provided a list of all the things I use below. These are my affiliate links and I truly appreciate all the support from the amazing community we have.

Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects
Filmstro Coupon Code: Whatspercolating

Gear Used:
Camera Body: Canon 70D
Camera kit: Canon 70D w/18-55mm
Lens 1:
Lens 2:
Lens 3:
Strobe Light:
Light Box:
Strobe Light Kit:
Sturdy Tripod for Timelapse:
Memory Card for Timelapse:

The making of this time-lapse took far longer then anticipated. Over 500,000+ photos were taken in total and roughly 400,000 were selected for the video. One of the main challenges faced in finishing this video was capturing footage during the plants “sleeping period.” Once this issue was resolved the #bloom phase could be finally documented. I found this extremely important as most #timelapses only record the hours with daylight and miss many crucial moments in the plants sleeping period.

Aside from thousands of photos to sort through, another issue was the use of music in this project. #Royaltyfree music Is hard to come by, especially ones that fit your video style. Thankfully I had access to #Filmstro and #EpidemicSounds which have thousands of royalty free tracks to choose from. Filmstro is giving my viewers 15% off all annual subscriptions, just type in Whatspercolating in the coupon section.

Lastly, huge shoutout to Amrit Sandhu, for #narrating this video and bringing it to life. You can find all his info over at thebritishvoiceartist dotcom. Tell him I sent you!

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