Brite Labs LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants and Seedlings, Triple Head Plant Growing Lamps with 60 Full Spectrum Bulbs, Programmable Timer Allows Auto On Off, Adjustable Gooseneck with Desk Clip On

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NEXT BEST THING TO NATURAL LIGHT – Do your indoor house plants fail to get enough sun light? Whether it’s due to insufficient lighting in the room, or the cold winter months, our LED Grow Lights give you peace of mind when your plants need to be moved indoors. This remarkable technology promises to keep your plants healthy and thriving! Make sure to try it out!
EASY TO USE – Trying to grow orchid, succulent, tomato, cactus, or germinating microgreen, mushroom without success? If you’re not sure what to expect with indoor lights, our grow light will give you nothing to worry about. Witness amazing results in plant growth within a matter of days. Use it for hanging plants, starting seedlings, or planting in trays or small pots in your indoor home garden or greenhouses.
60 FULL SPECTRUM LEDS – With 39 Red and 21 Blue LEDs on 3 bars, the portable mini growlight kit offers better coverage. Start organic seeds of leek, english cucumber, watermelon, basil herb and more. Whether in the home garden or commercial greenhouse, it replicates the natural solar spectrum to help plants in all stages of growth. It also features a powerful combination of red and blue lights. While the blue light is needed by plants for photosynthesis, the red light triggers flowering.
IMPROVED AUTOMATIC ON / OFF TIMER – The LED Grow Lights is equipped with the latest patented timing memory function. The upgraded On / Off Timer can now be automatically set up to turn on and off at the same time of the day. You have the option to set it to 3, 6 or 12 hours. Unlike the previous grow light models, there’s no need to manually switch this one on. This upgraded feature promises to save you time, money and energy when growing your lovely green plants inside your house or office.
DIMMABLE AND LIGHTING MODES – Jump start your plants’ growth indoors with the plant light for indoor house plants. It comes with 6 Dimmable Levels of brightness, which can be adjusted accordingly, depending on the needs of the plant. The lighting modes allow you to switch between red light only and blue light only, or have both lights on. Additionally, the Grow Light has three sets of arms. Pressing a button conveniently switches between turning on the lights for arm 1, 2, and 3.

Price: $33.97

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