big plan for my low maintenance recreational marijuana backyard outdoor grow

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First off hello, welcome to my channel. Thank you!

Great band Devy Metal is playing the background. I recorded him live at Firkin Tavern. I will link to full video on youtube if i post it.

sorry for the long title hahaha.
i am trying different stuff to try to find some views from search results or possibly related videos.

in this video i show off my new video production skills yee haw, give you a look at all my plants currently and my plan for them this weekend.

purple hawaiian and jack the ripper are in their permanent home.

headband cinex and blueberry kush are going into bigger pots.

purple nepal and space queen are going into the dirt.

i still not sure what to do with afghooey.

any way leave a comment!

to support me please support devy metal.

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