5 Important Benefits of Medical Marijuana Use

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Legal cannabis is already a reality in many countries, especially because of its medical uses, already proved by science.

Many studies have shown that both natural and synthetic cannabinoids perform an important role on pain intensity, movement control, memory formation and storage and even on immune response.

The plant has close to one hundred active ingredients with therapeutic potential.

Can you even believe it?

According to research done in lab animals, the brain develops tolerance to cannabinoids, causing dependence, although this potential is smaller than heroin, nicotine, cocaine, alcohol and benzodiazepines, such as diazepam.

Learn 5 things that can be helped with the use of cannabis:

Chronic pains

The fact that research about cannabis is just beginning and still has limitations makes scientists unsure of all the positive effects it can have to our health.

Besides CBD and THC, there are more than 400 chemical components that could be used medicinally. Interesting, right?

However, not everyone can use it in their treatments. Its use depends on the patient, composition, dosage, and it may even present contraindications and side effects.

The right medicine can improve the life of a patient who suffers from spasms. But, in some cases, it may bring side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, euphoria and depression, besides dependency.

That’s why you should only use medical cannabis under the guidance of a health professional you trust.

Now tell us: did you know any of these benefits of medical cannabis?


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